February 13, 2011

New changes in earning through Bukisa

I would like to stress here for those who are new to Bukisa and interested to earn from Bukisa. From January 13th 2011 onwards, the admin of Bukisa will stop its contributors from earning through Bukisa Index.

In order to continue earning through Bukisa, we will need to insert either our personal Google Adsense or Chitika information in our Bukisa settings. (If you don't have one already, sign up for Google Adsense or Chitika) so that you can continue to earn money from Bukisa.

As for the earning potential, i am not sure whether we will be earning more through this new changes or not. Lets wait and see how is our earning from Bukisa from January 13th onwards. Lets keep contributing.....


Seven Souls said...

Hello, want to sharing info, new ptc from biggest advertisement provider for Yahoo,


More adds, and no limited direct refferall.
0,008 perclick/0,01 per referral click for standart Member
Keep Clicking, keep earning :) C U

Summer Flora said...

Sorry, to let u know, this site is gone by now... My friend had lost a few bucks into it.

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